Good things come...
by Andre Jackson on January 22nd, 2012

Very often in my life, I’m asked “Why aren’t you in a movie yet?”. Mind you, I actually have been in a few films. Maybe not a film you’ve seen in your local theater (or any other theater for that matter) but I have managed to have my image immortalized in front of the camera on several occasions. Though I’m probably most known for my performances on stage, I really love working on film. It’s something I plan to do more frequently in my career.

Still, finding then hopefully being offered quality roles in television or film is an underestimated rarity. Finding a role isn’t particularly difficult. But the moment you place standards upon those jobs, the fewer and further in-between they quickly become. This is precisely the reason why so many of my colleagues are tempted to simply accept whatever is offered. Instead, I've accepted that my different approach will mean that for now my wait will be longer and my resume will be shorter. You can also be assured that when I say “yes” it will be well worth the wait.
Faith. Love. Hope.


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