I'm planning my escape.
by Andre Jackson on December 17th, 2007

Well, I'm in Detroit, Michigan. I'm sorry to say that this place is the pits. The city itself seems to be suffering from a mass state of depression. I don't want to bash the place but, folks, Detroit needs help! I wouldn't think that a major city like this could be so run down. There are abandoned buildings everywhere (especially downtown) and I was told today that Detroit ranks #1 in violent crime, suicide, depression, and home foreclosures. I've personally ranked it #1 on my list of suckiest cities on tour. The one highlight is that it's Christmas season and Cherita will be here with me soon. That's if I don't get shot while performing onstage. In this city I think it would be best if I keep my Simba from making any sudden movements just in case some of the more trigger happy patrons get past the theater metal detectors. Pray for me and everyone else in this sad sad city.

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