Back on Pride Rock
by Andre Jackson on August 22nd, 2007

After almost seven months off, I've returned to The Lion King-Gazelle Tour. The show is in Charlotte, North Carolina right now (nice town) and it's good seeing all the familiar and many not-so-familiar faces. Since I left this cast, which was in October of '06, a lot of folks have left and were replaced by fresh young actors. One of the biggest losses was one of my best friends, L. Steven Taylor, who used to perform the role of Mufasa. Not only is he an awesome actor; a great Mufasa, but he was my road partner out here on tour. I've been here less than a week and I'm already missing his presence here. Another of my good friends, Erica Ash, is now performing the lead role of Nala now. She and I began in the ensemble cast together to it's terrific seeing her as a principal character now. I know how hard she worked to get the role and she absolutely deserves it! Audiences are really in for a treat! I'm in rehearsals now so it'll probably be a while before I write again. But, I'll be back...

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