The Broke and The Beautiful
by Andre Jackson on February 2nd, 2006

I have this technique... Every few weeks, I send a photo postcard to about 75 people that I have on my mailing list. Potential agents, casting directors, directors & actors I've worked with, etc. I also send a headshot and resume to shows that I KNOW I'm right for and all the soaps. I send HS&R to the soaps because I need to book an AFTRA job this year so that I'll be SAG eligible next year. The process works like this:
  • AFTRA, unlike SAG, has no eligibility requirement. All you have to do is pay the $1300 membership fee and you're in. After you've been a paid-up member in AFTRA for a least one year and have worked at least once as a principle performer in AFTRA's jurisdiction, you're automatically SAG eligible. Presto!
Now, that's all easier said than done. The hard part is finding work as an AFTRA principle performer. Here's where soap opera work comes in handy. I've got a "soap look". I'm frequently cast as the romantic lead and Cherita has helped me step up my sappy-side over the past few years. The material is often intensely dramatic and that has always been one of my strengths as an actor.

Well, those submissions have finally paid off. I had an audition this week for a guest starring role on The Bold & The Beautiful. I got the call today that I BOOKED IT!! Yeah baby! '06 is going pretty good so far :)

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