The world's a stage. At The Fountain I'm merely a playah!
by Andre Jackson on January 23rd, 2006

Last week, I auditioned for Joe Turner's Come and Gone at The Foutain Theatre in Hollywood. The whole audition process was a wonderful experience. After my audition, the director (Ben Bradley) asked if I would fill in as a reader for other actors auditioning that day. "Um...YES!!!" Aside from having the opportunity to perform as various other characters, I got a first hand learning experience in what to do and not to do in an audition. I saw actors who were completely unprepared and those who were over-prepared; rendering them incapable of making adjustments to their performances. There were some actors who delivered great performances but just weren't right for the part or didn't pair well with actors already cast. I was so grateful to be asked to participate in the casting process.

Today, I received a call from Ben offering me the role I auditioned for. I'll be performing the role of "Jeremy", a freespirited young man who's very popular with the ladies. For the part, I'll be learning to play the guitar (something I've always wanted to do). I'm so excited about the opportunity to not only be part of another production at The Foutain Theatre but also to perform in play written by August Wilson; one of America's most brilliant playwrights. The first cast meeting is next week.

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